Mobile Fueling

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mobile fueling

At On-Site Fuel Service, we strive to operate efficiently to maximize the value of our service to you. Our customers’ vehicles and drivers spend their day productively hauling payload and personnel to their destinations. When their workday is complete, On-Site Fuel Service goes to work. Our tanker comes to your fleet yard and fuels your vehicles with diesel or gasoline. All fuels are kept on completely separate hose systems to eliminate cross contamination.

Fueling can be performed any time of the day or night according to your company’s schedule, so our customers need not pay a driver for doing anything other than driving.
Your administration load will be minimized as well. Our system collates your fueling data and issues reports that clearly identify fuel use by vehicle for regulatory reporting.


In addition, our fueling service has been extremely effective in keeping emergency utility crews working during emergency outages. Construction companies use our service to maximize productivity at remote job sites where time is money. Wherever fleet vehicles need to stay productive, On-Site Fuel Service is on the job.