OFS Analytics



On-Site is a pioneer in digital data collection for fleet fueling. To ensure accurate cataloging, customer vehicles are pre-tagged with a small bar coded label. Our fueling professionals identify the vehicle using a state-of-the-art handheld data collection device before fueling begins. Once the vehicle is full, the amount and type of fuel are captured by the On-Site handheld device.

  • After all vehicles have been fueled the collected data is transferred to our secure computer center via data link
  • A variety of reports are quickly available to our customers for quick regulatory reporting or fueling analysis
  • Read the reports
  • Analyze the numbers
  • Make the changes

Have you ever considered the cost of your skilled drivers and operators fueling their own vehicles? This ongoing expense, coupled with the lost potential of your vehicles and employees fueling instead of focusing on your core business, can add up to a huge productivity lapse. With On-Site, vehicles and drivers stay productive, performing the work that they were hired for, at a significant savings.

The Real Value of using On-Site Fuel Service is:

  • No wasted time fueling your trucks at a remote station, allowing you to maximize efficiency.
  • Control over your fleet, saving fuel used to drive to and from the station and wear and tear. When you are working in pennies an extra 6-10 miles per day, per truck adds up!
  • Operational hours that conform to your needs . . we work around your window for service.
  • Single invoicing for all fuel, and a single ticket for every vehicle on the yard.
  • Tax savings realized immediately on off-road fuel . . just say no to filing for refunds.
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