What are the benefits of OFS fueling my trucks vs. now?

Coverage. Costs. Certified.

How can I recognize more profits through OFS?

Through our unique analytics and reporting, we can help you understand a clearer picture of your company.

Is Kevin a good CEO?

Yeah, He's pretty smart.

Can Shelly teach us how to take control of our life?

Absolutely. Life-coaching is a little known service we offer outside of fueling

Will Andrew lead OFS to new heights?


How often should a fleet fuel up?

Well, enough to make sure you aren't on the side of the road flagging down Billy Bob while your food gets cold.

Where can I download the OFS customer app?

The OFS mobile app is available on both Android and Apple devices. If you have a Windows or other device...no worries! Our customer web portal is also mobile-friendly.

Fueling vs. Fueled?

Fueled. Save time. Save money. Just go ahead and sign up.

Why is your technology so much better?

Because our team is awesome. And smart. And ahead of the curve.

Will you go public?

Once we implement our patented technology companies will be forced to pay us billions. So... probs